150 years of history

After the American Civil War in 1865, Georg Wilhelm Flockerzie came back across the Atlantic Ocean to Germany. He went to Kaiserslautern-Eselsf├╝rth, where he bought a little post station and changed it to the Barbarossahof. After his death in 1917 his son, Orlando Flockerzie, became the new owner. He lead it in the same tradition as his family in the prior years with the guest being of the utmost concern and making the Barbarossahof a home away from home.

His follower was Walter Flockerzie, who had the hotel after the hard times of World War II, where the Barbarossahof was occupied by the French. The Barbarossahof survived these hard times without any damages and Walter Flockerzie built one new hotel-building and added a new restaurant.

The hotel was totally renovated in the nineties and some new buildings were added. The former post station is now a hotel with over 250 beds and a restaurant that can host up to 400 people. The current CEO's of the hotel are Heide-Lore Flockerzie and her son Alexander Flockerzie.